The Drifters Classic Car Club

           The Drifters Classic Car Club

This club was put together in 2011, we currently have 45 members. There are no fees or dues and no meetings, just a bunch of gear heads getting together for car shows and helping each other on their cars. We do have a year restriction between 1920 to current muscle cars, and you must have a car to join. Everyone has their own taste in cars and shoud be respected for what they have.  We never gang vote at car shows, we vote for the best car at the show not the person.  Too many people with really nice cars get cheated because people vote for their buddies car or copy somebody else's ballot sheet.  If you can't vote fair, then you should not vote at all.  If you have to ask someone for their vote, then your car is not worth being voted for, that's our opinion. We are here to have a good time, go to some car shows, do some cruising, and  lend a hand to anyone who needs it. AMERICAN MUSCLE ONLY NO IMPORTS

 Also I would like to thank Paul kossow for his help with the club logo.

                          Club Members


Bobby and Lynnette Jacobs, Marc and Felicia Neldner, Jessi and Tiffany Watson, Jerry Zarcone,  Charlie Watson, Jimmy and Robin Jones,       Syl Napierala, Mike Krueger, Neil and Jackie Welch,  Ryan Jones,   Chuck and Mary Elgeti,  Mandi Szada, Will Gardner, Tom Adams,                Tony Latona, Mike Latona, Jeff Robins, Mike Robins,                             Rick and Zora Szada,  Mike Cooper,       Paul Gual.  Jeff Thorn,  Brian Fink,   Daniel Wobick, Dom Torres and Tiffany Jacobs,  Gary Beier, Jeff Anderson, Frank Lopez, Mike Saskowski,   Kenn Zylke, Butch Miller,  Leigh Miller,  Brett Kihlmire (Duke), Mike Kihlmire 


 Now that you know who some of the members are go to the Photo Gallery and Check out the cars and be sure to view them thru slide show.









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